Marriage And Feminism

Is being a wife and mother enough?

“I long for the smell of baby Kylan’s dim beige room…his hands on the solid white bars of his cot…I know he can’t remember these things, so I will have to, for both of us…”


How To Be A Good Wife is a book which explores marriage and a woman’s role within in.  Women have fulfilled the role of wife and mother for centuries, but is it enough?  What happens when our children leave home and those roles are taken away from us?

What is Feminism?

Marta’s son Kylan has just left home and he returns to tell her some big news.  He is leaving her for good.  Can you blame Marta for being a little upset at losing someone she loves so much?  She has cared for him since he was a baby, given him everything, and now he is leaving her to get on with his life.

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‘On the surface the book is a highly competent, creepy little chiller, but beneath, like a silent, bolted and half-dark room, there’s a much bigger, equally disconcerting story about the nature of feminine experience.’

– Hilary Mantel, double Man-Booker-prize-winning author of Wolf Hall and Bringing Up The Bodies

‘How To Be A Good Wife is not just enthralling fiction, but also social commentary’

– The Australian

What other books also explore these themes?